Kiper grades 2011 draft

Before the draft Kiper talks up his board.  After the draft he berates teams who didn’t follow his board.  After the season he covers his hiney and says, “I told you so!” quite a bit.

Same ol’ here.  He says the Colts were a B+ but in hindsight should have gotten a C:

The utter disaster that was the Colts’ season takes some shine off this class, but let’s consider what they got. Anthony Castonzo was supposed to be the future blindside protector for Peyton Manning. He hasn’t been spectacular, but at least he has made it to the left side and looks like the future there. What can he be? Well, if he does a good job of protecting Andrew Luck, the grade certainly will get a bump. But we don’t know yet. Ben Ijalana hasn’t shown a lot. Drake Nevis has had moments but mostly got good reps for a bad defense. Delone Carter got 101 carries but didn’t show a lot as a rookie. Chris Rucker got some time in the secondary but needs to develop. All in all, Castonzo is what we thought he might be, but there isn’t a lot to like here at this stage, especially considering how bad this team was. It’s fair to say I liked this class better in April.

New grade: C

Todd Smith

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