King: Wayne/Garçon/Manning package deal?

Peter King suggests something a step further than most. He says that the obvious situation is for a team to sign both Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Of course, now that Pierre Garçon has turned down a five-year deal with the Colts King throws him in for good measure:

And one more note from potential free agency, according to a source close to another free-agent receiver: Pierre Garcon, another Colt soon to be free, turned down a five-year contract offer from Indianapolis last week. More than one general manager at the combine said that’s a sign Garcon doesn’t want to do anything until he knows what Manning is going to do. What if, say, Washington GM Bruce Allen, with $49 million in cap room before adding the earned-incentives from the 2011 salary-cap year, says to Manning: “We’ll recreate your 2010 receiving corps, and you’ll have a defense already strong enough to play at a Super Bowl level.” Could be very tempting.

I think Peter is quite right here. If a team could find a way to get all three it becomes an incredibly attractive offer.

Todd Smith

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