Ketchman on Manning

Our old friend Vic Ketchup Ketchman moved out of the AFC South and north to Green Bay but that won’t stop him from getting his digs in:

The Colts are in a really interesting situation. Peyton Manning is due a $28 million bonus on March 8. Trading doesn’t begin until March 13, so the Colts would have to pay Manning $28 million or lose him without being able to trade him. If they’re not going to keep him, they need to negotiate a deal that would move back the bonus date so as to create a window of opportunity to trade him. Manning, of course, would risk losing some leverage in that deal, so he’d have to have control in where he goes and what his new contract is worth for him to agree to move the date back. Talk about needing to be creative? If the Colts can pull it off, and most doubt that it can be done, they could execute a blockbuster scenario that would provide for their long-term future.