Kelley: Training Camp, Day One

And we're off! For literally everything you have to know, Craig Kelley has the report for day one of training camp, including a video of Andrew Luck talking about moving forward, news of the day, tidbits from players on and off twitter, and a bit of trivia for Colts fans who know a bit about training camp at Anderson U.

Freeman comes to camp with the same mindset as last year, one that Pagano will like – a player who remains driven. “(I approach this) like I did last camp,” said Freeman.  “I always keep that mentality of underdog, free agent.  Nobody expected too much out of me.  I definitely keep that same mentality, going out there and learning as much as I can, being a sponge.  I still learn from the coaches.  I have a lot of growing to do.”

Not much to say of which the players can't; you can find all of their pre-camp interviews at this link, starting with Reggie's dramatic entrance and going through initial thoughts with guys like Luck, Coby Fleener, Antoine Bethea, and Greg Toler. The best moment: Andrew Luck's entire interview. It was clear that nearly every journalist wanted a specific, media-friendly answer from the young QB, leading to the following exchanges early on:

Q: "It's nice that the building blocks are there, with what you accomplished last season." Translation: Tell us about how awesome last season was! We haven't heard enough about it!
A: "Yeah, you know, it's nice what we did last season … but again, I don't think that has anything do with this season, and I think guys are sick of hearing about it, you know. Honestly." Translation: I have. Please stop.

Q: "When you walked away from the Baltimore loss, did you take that as a nice first step? Motivation to do more this year?" Translation: I want you to say that it was a nice first step, and motivation to do more this year."
A: "Well, we walked from that loss … it was disappointing, you want to win, you want to keep going. I guess, silver lining – playoff experience (rolls eyes)." Translation: I'm human, remember? It would motivate me if you stopped bringing it up.

Luck's underlying message through all of it: last year is very over-and-done with. If you keep living in the past, you'll end up forgetting that there's an entire season ahead of you – and that's where 100% of your focus needs to be.