Kelley: Pagano Back, Inspired

Merry Boxing Day!

Chuck Pagano came back on Monday, as an early Christmas present to every Colts fan in (and outside) America. Yesterday, Pagano addressed the press at the Union Federal Football Center, as reported by's Craig Kelley.

“You just watch this team play week in and week out.  They have no quit in them,” said Pagano.  “I look at the job Bruce Arians did and the rest of this staff.  To every player, new and old and everybody who walked through that door, it was next man up.  They just found ways to get things done. By what they did on the field, they were an inspiration to me, my family and everybody else in this community, the fans in the city.  They brought hope to everybody.”

The Colts, according to Football Outsiders (a great site, by the way), reports that the Colts (to this point) should have about 5 wins, and are the 28th best team in the league. This is less farfetched than you'd think, especially given their performance against Kansas City (ranked dead last, appropriately).