Kelley: Colts to Face Up-And-Down Fitz

It's more an analysis on Ryan Fitzpatrick than anything else, but Craig Kelley's take on Tennessee's QB gives a good insight into Sunday's game. A few of us still remember that one time when Buffalo started 5-1 in '08 behind the quarterback of the fut- or wait, that was Trent Edwards. Hm. Never mind.

Fitzpatrick will be starting his third game against the Colts in two seasons and has seen how closely-contested the series is with recent battles swinging to Indianapolis’ favor with late comebacks.

“The last three games we’ve played against them we’ve been ahead in the first half and they have come back and beat us,” said Fitzpatrick.  “There’s a lot of new guys that unfortunately experienced that a few weeks ago, me included.

Anyway, despite playing well for terrible teams, Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't really garnered that much attention. Heck, he's been playing well recently, and if the Titans make the playoffs, it will (likely) be due to him. Meanwhile, Indy's worked out three comebacks against Tennessee over the last three games, so … Sunday's game might be tough. Will be tough.

And Fitz will probably be the reason.