Kelley: Colts on the road to New England

In an epic rematch, known to Colts fans as 'years of heartbreak made up by one '06 postseason comeback', the Colts will be travelling to play against New England on Saturday. The Patriots, great lovers of home field advantage and overglorified quarterbacks, are part of north-western america – and are therefore (like the rest of us) contemplating moving.

I, meanwhile, live in Canada. Today's weather? With windchill, -40 degrees (Celsius AND Fahrenheit. I guess that's where they finally meet). In other words, Florida sounds appealing. Oh, and staying inside to read Craig Kelley's Indy update for Monday, which I did.

The foot of snow that hit on Indianapolis Sunday did not stop Colts coaches from business as usual on Monday in getting ready to meet New England in Saturday’s Divisional Playoffs at 8:15 p.m. “It was difficult getting in, a little bit of a challenge,” said Pagano.  “We dug ourselves out, coaches helped each other out, gave rides.  We got everybody in.  We figured once we got here, we could hunker in.  Nobody’s got anywhere to go.  It was a little bit of a challenge, but everything worked out well.”

And that, friends, is how you execute an in-article segue. Keep warm.