Kelley: Anything But Rookies

In Indy's Sunday win over the Bills, it was the rookies who stepped it up at home. Not their best game (even TY Hilton, the return hero, has had more productive games offensively), but it was enough to bring the Colts to 7-4 on the season. Craig Kelley comments on how it's difficult to see them as rookies after such a quick start.

Luck, for one, likes the pace at which he has been brought along by the staff. “I think that’s one great thing about Coach Arians, if you show that you can handle the playbook or what he’s asking of you, he’ll put more on your plate,” said Luck.  “I think he treats all of us rookies that way.  He doesn’t call us rookies anymore, that’s for sure.  It’s great to have your coach’s trust when you are out on the field.”

Arians has been paramount in progressing his team, still recoiling after a blowout in New England. If the Colts can travel to 4-7 Detroit and pull off a road win, it will be a testament to how mature they've become.