Keefer: Breaking Down the Final Play

The Colts pulled a cruel trick last week, by getting fans to break remotes, shut the game off, yell at a few people, and sob gently in a corner (all in the fourth quarter) before pulling off a resurrection and beating the Detroit Lions with no time left on the clock. Anyone who still had their television on at that point saw the final pass to Donnie Avery with four second left.

I get shivers when I watch it again.

Anyway, after looping the video multiple times, it's fun to read about everything you still managed to miss. Zac Keefer's article on the play that shocked Colts fans into belief is good for anyone wanting to relive yet another incredible comeback victory.

At this point, I think my expression somewhat mirrored Andrew Luck's.

Anyway, given his terrible performance over the first 56 minutes, we're now starting to wonder whether Luck is bad on purpose to see how fast he can recover, or if the Colts have been charmed by the football gods. Isn't it better to be lucky than good?

I promise that wasn't a pun.