Kacsmar: Andrew Luck’s Elite 2-Minute Drills Give Colts Fighting Chance

Over at Bleacher Report, Scott Kacsmar says Andrew Luck’s sucess in 2-minute drill situations is the skill of an elite quarterback.  Kacsmar then gives some insight into each of Luck’s 2-minute situations and compares him to other quarterbacks like Roethlisberger and Manning in their rookie years.  And why, you ask, is Luck’s QBR ranking so much higher than his passer rating?  Scott has that covered too:

Without getting much help from the pass protection, the running game or his receivers not generating too many yards after the catch (YAC), Luck is doing an incredible job for a rookie.

It is very understandable why Luck ranks No. 4 (77.6) in ESPN’s QBR formula, which factors in details such as dropped passes, spikes, scrambling, expected points added, win probability, YAC, avoiding sacks, passing under pressure, etc.

Even in an era where, as Kacsmar addressed, rookie quarterbacks are entering the league better prepared than ever before, Andrew Luck’s ability to shoulder the load has been remarkable sight.  And, it’s a sight that has Colts fans brimming with hope and excitement.