Jerseys You – Or Your Kids – Loved Growing Up With

Most Indy fans will remember the wins and the losses, but when it comes to pure nostalgia, few things best a sports jersey. You wore it for good luck, remember? Back in '84? Tyler Brooke touches back on some classic (or pending-classic-status) jerseys from Indianapolis's last three decades, a few of which might send you rooting through old boxes because you actually have a Duane Bickett jersey and you remember when …

Anyone who is able to be such an intimidating presence on defense instantly earns a spot on this list.  Kids love to watch players on defense make big plays like sacks and interceptions. Bickett was a pass-rushing monster back in the day.  He was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1985, then went to the Pro Bowl in 1987.

Brooke also mentions how difficult it will be to wear his Freeney jersey given the DE's recent move to San Diego, a trivial matter to all New England fans.