Is Trent Richardson to Blame for Indy’s Rushing Woes?

Fact: Trent Richardson hasn't been good since his trade to Indy. Some Colts fans are ready to give his starting job to Donald Brown. And yet, some – like Ben Muth – feel like Trent isn't the only one to blame.

Running backs are always taught to press the LOS on zone plays because it sets up big cutback opportunities. This was something Richardson was great at in college. He’d attack his land mark until the last possible second, setting up all his blocks, and then he’d squirt out the back side for a big gain. The patience was incredible for such a young kid. When he tries to do the same thing in Indy he just doesn’t have as much real estate to run into before he makes a decision.

In brief, the bigger problem might be his linemen (and playcalling). T.R. is asked to run between the tackles on nearly every rushing play, and given the monotony of Indy's playcalling (reverses and flea flickers excluded) … there isn't really much for his to do. Plug in any other NFL runningback, and they struggle as well.

Maybe not as much, of course, but Mush's point is valid – it's not entirely Trent's fault. Remember, Brown pulls off better runs … because defenses aren't prepared against the run when he checks in. It's as simple as that. More variety, and Richardson will get better opportunities – and then we can properly evaluate him.