Is Eli vs. Peyton even a fair argument?

Jon Landrum has had it with the suggestions that Eli Manning is somehow superior to his older (and greater) brother Peyton. So he does what he does best: he took it to the stats. Let’s just say there’s a marked difference:

The following is a chart showing how each Manning fared in their first seven season as a starter. And, just to be nice, I totally disregarded Eli’s rookie season, in which he didn’t take over as starter until midway through the year. Think of it like a golf handicap, where Peyton had to give Eli 7 strokes just to make the competition a bit more even.

Att Comp Comp% Yards Y/A TD INT Sack Rate
Peyton 3880 2463 63.4 29,442 7.59 216 120 3.6
Eli 3724 2196 58.9 26,536 7.13 179 120 4.9
Todd Smith

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