Irsay says talks continue

Is it a day that ends in “Y” still? If so you can bet Jim Irsay is talking even if he declared he wanted to keep it in-house. Fortunately he not only is talking to the media but also with Peyton Manning:

“We’ve talked more in recent weeks than we have in most Februarys,” Irsay said Thursday night, via WRTV Indianapolis. “Peyton and I have talked and said that we’d like to just come to something that makes sense for both of us.”

That doesn’t mean much in terms of Manning’s future with the team other than the door is at least slightly ajar. Irsay clearly would like to find a workable end-game for Peyton Manning that involves a ticker-tape parade for both parties and Manning’s bust in Canton with a horseshoe on the side. Emotions aside, this is obviously a very complex situation involving not only a city’s pride, a team’s future and both a player’s legacy and health. The fact that talks continue simply indicate that both sides understand those issues.