Irsay and Manning: We’re OK

After yesterday’s back-and-forth between Manning and Irsay today they issued a joint press conference to clear it up:

After four days of exchanging comments through the media that made the Colts sound like a house of dysfunction, the team released a statement today to “dispel any misperception that there might be any hard feelings between us.”

The joint statement from Manning and Irsay continued, “Since 1998, we have enjoyed a great relationship, based upon mutual respect and trust. We have always been able to talk and address matters we’ve faced over the years, not just as owner and player, but as friends. We had a long talk today and we want to assure Colts fans everywhere that we are both committed to maintaining our close relationship and to working together through any challenges the future may bring.”

The statement was noteworthy for what it did not say: if and where Manning would play next year.