Irsay Acts Like True Fan, Explodes on Twitter

Sigh. At it again, Jim Irsay decided that his frustration (and ours) would be best expressed on Twitter; hence, the following:

(there are quite a few, and the rest are here, on

In Golf you're allowed 14 clubs..but if you're playing with 9 clubs..U got to hood a 8 iron n hIt It like a 4 iron! Improvise n find a way!

I didn't break the bank,millions cash over cap/Load Brinks Truck,only to be hijacked n stormed on the way 2 stadium by machine gun MANIACS!

Nxt time weget BLOWN out in the First/gonna Lose it w/ my phone, throw it @ a wall r sumthn. #MADnESS!!!

Of course, the last tweet might not have been Irsay, but my point (from earlier this year) stands: the guy needs to start using twitter as a slightly better way to communicate with the public. There are few things that need to be said past last week's game; they are as follows.

1. We're in a unique position; 7-4, two games ahead of the TItans, holding most tiebreakers. According to, as of November 27th, we have a 97% chance of making the playoffs.

2. We've played through some tough injuries. Another team with brutal season-ending injuries: Atlanta. The Falcons are currently 2-9, last in the NFC.

3. We've been blown out in the first half four weeks in a row and gone 2-2. The games we lost: meaningless. The games we won: crucial division matchups.

4. If we win on Sunday, we will be three games up on Tennessee with four games to go. We'll need to go 0-4 just to give them a mathematical chance of making the playoffs.

In other words, settle down. Have fun! The games this year have been intense, Kansas City and Denver are 1-3 in the last two weeks (huh?) and no one can predict ANYTHING with any certainty. With a tie last week, Carolina suddenly looking dominant, and the Houston Texans look like the Houston Texans of old.

Separate the fandom from the sport, and everything becomes much more enjoyable. Then, come playoff time, root against New England. That's all.