Indystar: Colts not mincing words after blowout loss to Jets

Okay, the sting of the loss has worn off.  The sun came up.  We as fans were able to go back to our weekly routines.  But, for the Colts players and Staff, that is not the case. 

Phil Richards of The Indianapolis Star catches up with a few of the players for their thoughts on, well, you can imagine:

"Simple things like keeping two hands on the ball in the pocket when you're dropping back and not forcing balls into the end zone in the red zone when it's first-and-10," Luck said. "Take the check down, throw it away and live to fight another day. Realize when it's OK to throw away a ball as opposed to when you need to force it in there."

I'm glad to hear that from Luck.  It shows how true some of the things the coaches say about him really are.  This is one smart guy playing quarterback.  He owns his mistakes and learns from them.  Many noticed he didn't seem to take many checkdowns.  He's way ahead of us.  He's already working on it.  Check out the article.  It sounds like the Colts have about the attitude they ought to have after a game like that. 




Marcus Dugan

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