Indy players all get an X-Box One, direct from Jim Irsay

Maybe it's the number of players on the IR; I've heard it can be hella-boring around this time of year. Anyway, Jim Irsay decided that, for Christmas, he'd get everyone on the team a $500 gaming system (because, you know. He can). The complete story is here, via CBS.

Christmas came early for the Indianapolis Colts on Friday. When players arrived at the team's facilities they found a present in their locker and not just any present: the gift was an Xbox One courtesy of owner Jim Irsay. According to the Indianapolis Star, every single player on the Colts roster got one.

Xbox Ones have been almost impossible to find this holiday season, unless you're a billionaire that is, then tracking down over 50 of the systems apparently isn't that difficult.

Because I was curious (and $500 pays most of my rent every month), I did some thinking. $500×50=$25,000, which is a pretty large sum of money for most people. I guess?

Other things you can buy with $25,000:

On World Vision, $100 can send a goat and two chickens to a family in need; so that's 250 goats and 500 chickens.
Up in Canada (that's where I live!), Ottawa – the capital – has asked for $140,000 so they can give 2,000 families a Christmas dinner. The goal is to help 8,000 families in total with food vouchers. The $25,000 wouldn't cover it, but it'd certainly help.
I will personally edit every Jim Irsay tweet until 2017 (at least) for $25,000. Promise. Not easy, granted, but for that much money … I'd have to think about it.

I dunno. Just seems like a lot of money to put towards the wrong gaming system.