Indy officials want another Super Bowl

WTHR reports that amidst all of the rave reviews for the city’s approach to the Super Bowl local officials will make a play for not only a second Super Bowl but also to be added to the rotation of Super Bowl cities:

City and state leaders said they plan to use the positive reviews from this Super Bowl to convince the NFL to add Indianapolis into its host city rotation.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t rule out the possibility, RTV6’s Chris Proffitt reported.“Let’s get through the first one, first. I think the hospitality and the way they have done this will reflect very well on Indianapolis going forward,” Goodell said.

Likewise, Tony Dungy has an immense amount of pride in the efforts:

“I’m really happy for the city to put its best foot forward. I think we’ve put on a good game and I think when the fans start to come in, they’re going to be pleasantly surprised,” Dungy said.


Todd Smith

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