Hummer: Luck, More than Lucky

Chris Hummer put out a pretty good article on Andrew Luck after yesterday’s game, around how little Luck looked like (say that five times fast) a rookie against Green Bay. He finished with 362 yards and two touchdowns but his no-huddle offense, cool demeanour, and quick feet won the Colts the game. In fact, the only other thing Hummer could have touched on was, arguably, Luck’s most defining play that game.

The Colts were at Green Bay’s 11 yard line, third and seven. It was a relatively simple play call: two WRs on either side, Brown dropping back to help block; Hilton, Avery, and Brazill all went endzone, while Wayne cut from right to left on a short slant route. Everyone was covered almost immediately, Luck steps up, and for a split second you realized two things – one, he’s going for it himself. Two, there are two linebackers and two DBs right in front of him. Instead of sliding, Luck went for it all, throwing himself through D.J Smith and Casey Hayward and landing just over the first down marker. With 40 seconds left on the clock I thought for the first time, “Wow … we’re actually going to win this one.”

It might be the two wins last year, or the low expectations this year; or maybe just watching Manning flounder without a defense or running game in the past few years with a coach stuck in the past, I was bored … but for the first time, curtsey of Andrew Luck, I thought, “Wow … we have a good team this year.”