Hilbert: An Unexpected Report Card

Personally, I think that (had the Colts lost on Sunday) CBS's Evan Hilbert's postgame grades would have been much worse; still, the Colts did pull off a wild victory, and it's right to give credit to their offense.

Despite the outcome, the offense was not clicking all day. Luck tied a career-high three interceptions, and the running game was largely ineffective. Vick Ballard finished with just 41 yards on nine carries, barely outpacing Luck, who finished with 33 yards himself. But overall the offense was out of sync, and only through quite a bit of sheer, ahem, luck did the Colts come away with a win Sunday.

Grade: B-

35 of Ballard's rushing yards came on one second half drive; he, like the rest of the Colts team, was basically ineffective for the vast majority of the game. Also, Cassius Vaughn has a place waiting for him in the CFL. We have a place booked for him in Toronto and everything.

Pessimism aside, I can now credit the Indianapolis Colts for pulling off one of the most thrilling victories I've ever witnessed, short of Green Bay this year … and New England in 2009 … and New England in 2006 … well, you understand. The people who heard me screaming in my fourth-story apartment during the last drive didn't understand, but you understand.