Hayes: Tressel knows how to win

Reggie Hayes knows Colts fans are not happy with the thought of Jim Tressel leading the team, but he believes Tressel knows how to get it done:

Let’s look at Tressel’s record on the field. He was 106-22 in 10 years at Ohio State with one national title. He put Ohio State alongside Florida, Alabama, USC and Texas as a force.

Those big-time college programs are professional in all but name. In facilities, talent and expectations, they’re well-run professional businesses.

Yes, there’s a difference between coaching in college and the pros. The rah-rah atmosphere and father-figure control of the college coach don’t usually carry over to the NFL. Yet the success of Jim Harbaugh – and to a lesser extent, Pete Carroll – has marked a possible swing of the pendulum in that paradigm. Tressel is smart enough to modify his style to fit professional players.

Take away recruiting and the NCAA rulebook and what’s left for Tressel if he becomes Colts coach? On-the-field coaching and some input on personnel, along with Irsay and Grigson.