Harbaugh’s edge honed in Indy

Jim Harbaugh walked with a great deal of swagger in Indianapolis.  His toughness earned him a spot in the Ring of Honor.  Reggie Hayes looks back at those formative years:

You want to know why the San Francisco 49ers have a fighting chance against the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees’ aerial circus in the playoffs Saturday afternoon? Look no further than the attitude and approach of their coach, Harbaugh. He believes. They believe.

He follows his instincts, pays no heed to doubters and charges full speed ahead.

Two words have no place in Harbaugh’s life: tentative and apprehensive.

“I’m not going to change my style just to survive a season,” Harbaugh told Sports Illustrated after a loss to the Patriots in that 1996 season. “You’re born, you play, you coach, you die.”