Hamilton among coaches who might leave Indy

For the first time since he was signed by Detroit, Jim Caldwell is frustrating me again.

First, I was excited to see how one of the most explosively awful teams of 2013 would handle The Blinkless Wonder. Then, I was excited to see how Caldwell would fare in his second season without Manning under center. This is the guy who went 26-63 in college ball, and he's playing with a team whose quarterback who can't seem to win games.

And then, it turns out Caldwell might be looking to sign Clide Christensen. Sigh.

Christensen, who hasn't responded to attempts to reach him, has coordinator experience with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and for two seasons with the Colts, under Caldwell. The Lions announced the hire of Caldwell on Tuesday, and he had already begun the process of assembling a staff by Wednesday, though there remain a number of rumored candidates for offensive coordinator.

Another key loss would be Pep Hamilton, Indy's second new offensive coordinator in as many years. Hamilton is being looked at by various teams, including Vanderbilt.

Explained: James Franklin, previous Vanderbilt HC, left for Penn State; Vandy has Hamilton as a front-runner for the job. Thought P-Ham (I'm really hoping this catches on) hasn't worked as a head coach before, Vanderbilt doesn't see this as an issue.

… anyway, we're all starting to worry just a little about how this is going to shake down.