Grecco: Luck Actually Outplayed Manning and Brady

Ready for some mind blowing consolation? Turns out that, according to Blue Stampede writer Matt Grecco, Andrew Luck outplayed both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady against Baltimore. Given the result (9 total points, no touchdowns), it seems almost impossible … then there's this.

Colts had the best Yards per Drive, going ten yards more per drive than the Ravens allowed this season. In order to hang around they had to do that with the awful field position.

The Colts dominated both the Broncos and Patriots in terms of Time of Possession per Drive, holding the ball for nearly a minute longer per drive than either of the other two teams. A lot has been made of the large number of plays the Ravens Defense has gone up against this postseason, but only one team actually kept them on the field for significant portions of time.

I won't give it all away – nor do I entirely agree with the statement – but it's an intriguing piece, and a nice way to bring up Tom Brady's epic collapse again.