Grantland agrees: GMs need lessons

Before the draft I told you not to draft a running back in the first round and to learn to value your picks correctly. As a very loose assessment I’d say that Ryan Grigson actually did exceptionally well in his first draft–no major blunders and only minor questions about a few picks.

Mike Holmgren failed however. The veteran GM traded up not once, but twice (getting horrific value I’ll add) to pick a running back and a 29 year-old quarterback with questionable footwork. So at the end of their rookie contracts the Browns will have a running back with little gas left in the tank and a quarterback that is one contract away from retirement. Nice move Mike!

The guys at Grantland break down the odd first day:

There’s no question that Richardson is a great prospect; the only issue is where should he have been drafted. With Weeden, though, things are more complicated. For the Browns, the good news is he has a howitzer for an arm and was hyperproductive in college. The bad news is that, assuming it takes him a year or so to develop, the one-time baseball prospect turned college football star might not be a quality NFL starter until he’s over 30 years old — if he ever does at all.

Todd Smith

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