GM Jr. mock draft has some surprises

Mike Tanier told us about Russ Lande’s terrific, albeit largely unknown outside of the inner-ranks, scouting reports. Lande’s info is top notch, well-informed and whips just about anything from any of the usual pundits.

I noticed Lande’s latest mock draft has two very important predictions for Colts fans.

First, Lande predicts that the trend of coveted nose tackles rising into the first round will continue. While many others have Washington’s Alameda Ta’amu going somewhere in the second or third rounds Lande believes teams will get the jitters and pick him in the top 20. I would not be surprised in the least to see Ta’amu end up in the first round. He’s the best nose tackle out there and teams always make a run on zero-technique guys.

Second, Lande sees more wide receivers going in the first round than most of his counterparts. We all know this is a pretty deep draft for wideouts but the number of teams seeking playmakers is likewise pretty sizable. Due to the run on receivers in Lande’s mock draft Stanford tight end Coby Fleener falls out of the first round.  That’s a stretch in my opinion as Fleener had a terrific pro day. Lande’s predictions however are quite plausible and Colts fans (and Andrew Luck) would be thrilled to see Fleener in speed blue.

Hold on to your hats folks! It’s going to be a fun finish.

Todd Smith

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