Freeney’s Status: Unoptimistic

Even though Freeney’s been listed as probable, he seems less that optimistic about his health. The Colts average only a little more than two sacks per game without him, against crummy O-lines – Chicago, Jacksonville, and Minnesota average 3.25, 3, and 2 sacks allowed per game, respectively – and Green Bay’s O-line is porous at best. So, why is Freeney so tentative to start? His quote from yesterday, according to Craig Kelley for

“It’s real tough.  I can’t stand it,” said Freeney.  “That’s why sometimes you see me if it’s a three-week injury, I’m back after one week.  The sideline I can never get used to.”

So in other words, Freeney wants to play, he’s been cleared to play, he’s practicing with the team … and he seems totally uninterested in coming back this week. Every statement he puts out is to the tone of “Well, I really want to go and I’ve been working tirelessly – and hey, I’m probable – but honestly, don’t expect to see me on Sunday.” Maybe Freeney’s trying to downplay his comeback, so more attention can be given to the Colt’s Chuckstrong campaign; still, positive enthusiasm could be exactly what the Colts and their fans need this week.