Freeney’s Quad Prevents Terrible Commentary

In an alternate dimension, Dwight Freeney went to San Diego, stayed healthy, and is prepared to light up Luck on Monday Night Football. Hence, for the entire game … the announcers can't talk about anything but, forcing me to mute my television for a second straight week. Sigh.

In reality, Freeney's season-ending injury is tough for the former Colt. Mike Wells has a brief piece on Freeney's position, with a sad ending – because, as most of you know, Freeney wasn't offered a deal by Indianapolis … and went on record saying he would have settled for less to retire a Colt.

“Coming in here in our first year, the strain that changing systems put on him and Robert and just how they bought in and did everything that we asked," Pagano said. "I got nothing but fond memories, obviously, and great things to say about him." 

The Colts decided not to re-sign Freeney during the offseason. He told in August that the organization didn’t even make him an offer. “I wished they would have offered me something so I could’ve retired a Colt,” Freeney told the website. 

While Freeney's comments were expressed after the fact, he may have been less-than-serious; and actually, with the way Mathis has been playing, having Freeney wouldn't really be a huge asset. Think: Mathis, while compiling a lot of sacks per game, constantly blows through the line and leaves holes in the defense (hence, poor run stoppage). If two Colts were to do so, the quarterback would be under duress late game – but against a potent run attack, Indy would be doomed.

Just something to think about.