Former Patriot (Bill?) Jones to Work Out for Titans, Colts

Unless you also happen to be a closet Buffalo Bills fan, you probably aren't familiar with Donald Jones, a receiver who quietly pulled in four touchdowns last season despite having barely over 40 catches. The fourth year wideout was let go by Buffalo late last year and signed with New England in the spring; after a few months, he was released again.

He's currently scheduled to work out with up to five teams, including Tennessee and Indianapolis.'s Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that Jones was heading to Tennessee on Tuesday to work out for the Titans. Jones is scheduled to visit the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday. Rapoport also was told that three additional teams were lining up visits with Jones, per a source informed of the receiver's plans. This came less than one week after the Patriots released Jones, reportedly in an effort to give their younger receivers more reps in training camp.

While Jones has never been a consistent starter, he's certainly a mid-ranged threat. This, as the article mentions, is probably a minor reaction towards LeVon Brazill's suspension; they'll bring Jones in to see if he's worth going after, knowing full well that they won't need him for long anyway. What could it hurt?

(other than the feelings of Nathan Palmer, that is)