Forbes: Manning increased Colts net worth

Forbes reports that Peyton Manning was incredibly valuable to the Indianapolis Colts franchise:

When Manning was drafted by the Colts in 1998 the team was worth $227 million, last among the league’s 30 teams and $47 million below the NFL median team value. The Colts are currently worth $1.1 billion, 11th among the league’s 32 teams and $64 million above the NFL median. While the typical NFL team increased 263 percent in value during Manning’s 14 years at Indianapolis, the value of the Colts rose 366 percent.

Had the value of the Colts gone up by the league median, the team would now be worth $824 million, or $233 million less than its current value. The big driver of the team’s increase in value was Lucus Oil Stadium, which opened for the 2008 season. The team’s revenue rose $32 million during its first year at the stadium mainly due to more money from premium seating and concessions.