FO: Mannings aren’t sacked much

Football Outsiders suggests that since Archie Manning spent so much time playing behind a terrible offensive line he taught his sons the value of a quick release. Eli appears to have taken the message to heart as much as Peyton:

You can credit good genes, good coaching, or a lot of luck. But along the way, he appears to have instilled in his sons the need to make sure they get rid of the ball quickly.

When Archie Manning played behind some awful lines, he was sacked a lot. His 396 sacks are the 11th most in NFL history. The sins of the father have not been passed on to the sons, as both of his children are among the league’s best at avoiding sacks.

For a guy who makes a whole lot of throws behind a less-than-imposing offensive line, Eli Manning doesn’t get his jersey very dirty. His career sack rate of 4.75 percent is the 15th best in NFL history. This year, the Giants’ adjusted sack rate of 5.1 percent was fifth-best in the league. Much of that can be credited to Manning, as he very rarely holds the ball long enough to pick up a long sack. Manning didn’t record a sack all year that took longer than 3.6 seconds. In the three years that Under Pressure has timed sacks, he has seven sacks of longer than 3.6 seconds. In comparison, Tom Brady had eight sacks this year that took 3.6 seconds or longer and 16 over the past three years.


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