Final Word: AFC South from Paul Kuharsky

Here’s Paul Kuharsky’s AFC South final word article from  He talks about Luck’s scrambling ability, Reggie Wayne’s agelessness, and the Packers, since they’re a common opponent for the Colts and Texans in consecutive weeks. 

He also points out that the Colts haven’t won a road game in a while, but have virtually owned the Jets on the road for decades, no matter who was playing:

Also: The Colts have lost nine straight road games, tied for the second-longest active road losing streak. But the Colts also are 11-3 in 14 road games against the Jets dating to 1989.

Paul’s work is very good.  He does a nice job covering four teams every day whose fan bases don’t always see eye to eye.  Click the link, and be sure to leave him some nice comments. You can follow him on Twitter at @espn_afcsouth  




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