Fans continue to support the team

Mike Chappel reports that despite having the 2nd worst record in team history ticket sales remain strong:

“You can only speculate because there’s still a few weeks remaining before the deadline, but we’re tracking similar to last year and the year before,” said Pete Ward, the team’s chief operating officer.

Season ticket holders face a March 1 deadline to renew orders. The team generally realizes a renewal rate of 95 percent on the 60,000 seats available. That figure reflects Lucas Oil Stadium’s 62,408 fixed seats minus tickets held back for Colts employees/players, the visiting team and other corporate responsibilities.

The team has a waiting list of about 9,000 and has sold out every game since 1999, 114 straight including the playoffs.

Despite opinions that Indianapolis will return to being a basketball city after the Manning era this seemingly indicates perhaps there is room in the hearts of Hoosiers for both sports.