Fan Dilemma: How Much Are Those Tickets Worth?

For some, a lot of bloody money. Michael Pointer from USA Today explains why Colts tickets for the Indy/Denver game have tripled in selling price (hint: Peyton), and why some fans are going through a difficult decision right now.

About John Flatt, season ticket holder:

Flatt sold his two club level seats — face value: $275 each — for about $815 apiece through the NFL Ticket Exchange program. Flatt said he would not have done it for a playoff game and he's mildly concerned they will end up in the hands of a Broncos fan.

But the way he sees it, he will save himself considerable angst watching the game from his living room instead of in person. "I've got a feeling that he (Manning) is not going to show a lot of mercy for us," Flatt said. "I don't want to experience that conflict of emotions."

Fair enough. To quote ESPN, on their rationale for Denver's #1 rank in their power rankings:

The Broncos scored 51 points. Peyton Manning completed 78.6 percent of 42 attempts for 414 yards and four touchdowns Sunday. Broncos receivers amassed 205 yards after catches. None of those are season highs.

… shudder. We'll see what goes down during Indy's next home game, but very few people will be surprised if Indy goes 2-2 through their first four home games.