Everything You Need to Know About Week 6

I feel bad about linking Kyle's work, because he's probably trying to keep his stuff on CA and Bleacher Report separate … but after reading his piece on Monday's matchup, I couldn't resist. There's literally everything you need to know about Sunday – injuries, divisional reports, etc.

The Colts may get a few key players back this week, including safety LaRon Landry, defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois and fullback Stanley Havili. 

Landry's presence was missed against the Seahawks, as Howell missed a couple tackles and Seattle's running game was unstoppable for most of the contest. Howell is a versatile backup, but Landry's physical presence brings something extra to the Colts' defense. 

I agree with Kyle here; Howell's been alright. Never as bad as Toler, but always a bit of a liability when 'tackling' is involved. Still, as a backup, Howell is a solid option. And hey, he made some plays Sunday – namely the touchdown – that should keep him on the team for a while yet.

The question, now, is whether Jake Locker will be back for November, when Indy plays Tennessee twice in three games. It seems like Locker's impact is just enough to bring Tennessee from the ranks of the mediocre – remember, they stayed with Kansas City for a while yesterday – but without, Indy could be looking at a much easier late-season schedule.