ESPN: Don’t hate Irsay

ESPN’s Johnette Howard is confused by fan backlash against Jim Irsay. Rather, she believes that Irsay is unfairly being compared to his father:

Clearly, Irsay is working through the emotions of the end of the Manning era as much as everyone else is. His willingness to part with Manning doesn’t make him a callous or unmindful man. He’s far from it, as shown by his track record and the testimony of friends in this very affecting USA Today profile of him. It’s not a lack of leadership or vision that is making him overhaul everything now; if anything, the moves he’s making are proof that he’s willing to take charge, shake up the status quo and be the last one standing to take the heat.

But again, this is not a story where cold logic runs the narrative.

And that’s fine. It just shouldn’t be hijacked into some story about a son who has found himself in his father’s business callously repeating his father’s sins.

Todd Smith

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