End of the Pats/Colts rivalry?

Patriots fans are salavating thanks to the seeming implosion of the Colts.  Of course, it’s largely overblown as the team may very well be more than competitive next season.  Rich Levine of Comcast Sports New England is definitely happy to see the Colts in tough times but isn’t ready to call it over:

Maybe. But more than likely, this is the end. It would be insane to retain Caldwell after his no-show this season. Not to mention, listening to Jim Irsay and the rest of the organaization speak, it doesn’t sound like they’re sold on Manning’s ability to ever completely return to form. Certainly not enough to build around him for the future. But who knows? Do you know? Does Irsay even know?

All we know is that the Colts are scheduled to come to Foxborough next season. And for now, I’ll continue to look forward to that game with a special level excitement and a certain amount of fear, but more than anything, a hell of a lot of curiosity.