Dunlevy’s mock draft

Nate is at it again and his time he’s got a full seven round mock draft for the Colts including some names high on my list. I’m particularly fond of his second and third round picks although I doubt they both are available at those spots:

34th (second) – Coby Fleener, TE, Standford

Again, I’ve said my peace on this one, too. The Colts have obvious defensive needs, but Fleener could be Dallas Clark 2.0.

64th (third) – Alameda Ta’amu, DT,Washington

The Colts stay in the Pac 10 and pull the nose tackle they desperately need if they hope to covert to a 3-4.

Fleener may last to 34 but I suspect he will not. As the best nose tackle in the draft and a historical propensity to see early runs at that position, I highly doubt Ta’amu is available in the third. 

I can however say that I’ve got my fingers crossed that Nate’s vision becomes a reality. They’re great picks.