Dunlevy’s Indianapolis Colts’ State of the Union: Quarter-Season Review

Hi Colts Fans, we have some great links for you today.  The Colts State of the Union from Nate Dunlevy over at Bleacher Report covers the first quarter of the 2-2 Colts’ season.  Nate reviews what has gone right and what looks concerning as the Colts move forward, then gives a “glass half full” and “glass half empty” take before giving a pretty fair and realistic outlook for the rest of the season (though we all hope it will be better than that):

The biggest advantage Indianapolis has moving forward is that the bulk of the teams they play are markedly worse than previously thought. Tennessee, Buffalo and the Jets are all down from where people thought preseason.

It was easy to look at the Indianapolis schedule before the season and see them at 3-3 or even 4-4 halfway through the year, and that’s still the case.

This piece is for Nate’s AFC South Blog on Bleacher Report.  He treats each team equally on there, so this is a good bit of insight into what many people taking an objective look at the Colts might be thinking right now.  It also gives fans a baseline to temper their expectations after that wild comeback against the Packers.