Dunlevy: Worst week one win? … probably.

The WORST OF THE WEEK, courtesy of Nate Dunlevy, features your very own Indianapolis Colts in the "Worst Win" category … and rightfully so. While narrowly edging out the Patriots (who, after last night's game, should clinch it this week), Indy managed to turn a 10.5-point home field advantage into chaos. Luck comes from behind. Hey, maybe that's their goal this year! Luck pulls in 10+ come-from-behind victories, and the Colts go on to … never mind.

Pryor ran around and gave the Colts defense fits all day on Sunday. Indy managed to pull out the victory behind an amazing performance by Andrew Luck, but in doing so put the NFL on notice: they aren't very good. Indy showed all the same weaknesses they did in 2012, once again proving that spending a lot of money in free agency means little if you spend it on guys like Eric Walden.

Poor Eric Walden. This guy's trying his hardest in Green Bay, getting unlucky breaks, can't catch a break, and finally gets a good contract on a decent team – and all of their fans pile on, because it was too much. As such, I'm reserving my critique of Walden. They guy I"m a little frustrated in?

Greg Toler.

Not only did he look average-to-bad in coverage on Sunday, but he was overreacting after every play. Guy I'm covering drops the ball? Dance around! Me, get a tackle after the first down? Keep dancing! Lord knows I love it. Let the second touchdown go, on the same pass Pryor had thrown multiple times on the drive???? Slam that ground, baby! What a bummer! Rage, meet turf! 

After watching Toler's animation after every play, I'm almost ready to advocate starting Darrius Butler in his place. I mean, seriously, Greg. Knock. It. Off. Rant over.