Dunlevy takes a closer look at the win

Nate Dunlevy brings us a few more in-depth notes from Sunday’s game, including a decision by Coach Pagano that drove him bonkers: 

Pagano screwed up the decision in multiple ways.

First, he chose to take the penalty rather than the play, even though it cost his team two yards. He did it because he thought the clock was going to run once the ball was marked ready for play if he did not.

It’s bad enough he didn’t understand the NFL timing rules. After a defensive penalty, the clock was going to remain stopped regardless of whether or not he accepted the penalty.

Then, with the clock still stopped, the Colts spiked the ball, taking one second off.

The Colts would have been better off running a quick sneak and then a spike or just kicking the field goal with 13 seconds left, allowing time for a quick throw away in the event of a bad snap.


Kyle J. Rodriguez

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