Dunlevy reviews Colts passing and pass defense

Nate Dunlevy is reviewing some advanced statistical measures by using AFC South teams as examples. Today he cracks net yards per attempt (NY/A) as it pertains to the Colts. Needless to say over the last three years the offense and defense are going opposite directions as it pertains to net yards per attempt. He also covers the struggles Peyton Manning’s replacements faced last year:

One of the worst media stories from 2011 was that Orlovsky was clearly a better quarterback than Painter. Painter was truly horrible, and by the end of his tenure he was so shell-shocked and broken that playing him was a form of sadistic cruelty on the part of Jim Caldwell. Orlovsky, however, was not really any better.

In fact, their numbers are remarkably similar. Yes, Painter threw more interceptions than Orlovsky, but Orlovsky fumbled seven times (compared to five in 50 more drop-backs for Painter). There is actually remarkably little real difference between the two players. Both are terrible. Neither should ever be allowed to play in actual NFL games.


Todd Smith

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