Dunlevy: Luck already 2nd best in AFC South

Nate Dunlevy says that he doesn’t much like Blaine Gabbert’s game. CHECK!

He thinks Matt Schaub is pretty darn good. NO DOUBT!

Tennessee’s quarterback transition is still under review. BINGO!

Here’s where he got my attention: before Andrew Luck has even been drafted Nate declares him second to only Schaub in the AFC South. Gutsy proclamations are what attracts eyeballs and this one did the job. His reasoning however is rock solid:

If you asked the Titans or Jaguars to trade straight up Locker or Gabbert for Luck, each of them would grab Luck in a heartbeat. The only question would be how many additional picks they’d have to surrender to get him. Normally, players have to prove it on the field, but in this case a bit of speculation is warranted.

Pretty cut and dry isn’t it?