Dunlevy looks at McGlynn

Nate Dunlevy took a harder look at Mike McGlynn’s career to date and notes an important fact: Howard Mudd didn’t like him. Sound familiar? Mudd also wasn’t high on new Colts tackle Winston Justice.

There’s not much evidence that McGlynn is any good, as he has been unable to crack the starting lineup with any consistency. As the Eagles move to a Howard Mudd-coached line (smaller, faster), the Colts are scooping up guys Ryan Grigson likes from his days in Philly.

If McGlynn is the new Colts center in 2012, it’s a sign of bad things to come. He’s not going to make anyone forget Jeff Saturday.

Grade: D. Terms of the deal aren’t out, but McGlynn isn’t very good and is indicative of a bad philosophy of team building. The Colts aren’t just rebuilding, but they are rebuilding in the wrong way.

The moves, while encouraging that Grigson intends to address problem spots on the roster, are as Nate points out not all that impressive. These are not guys you can build your franchise around as their careers have clearly demonstrated. I love that Grigson knows the offense is in shambles and he must move swiftly to fortify the foundation but he’s doing so with Silly Putty.

Todd Smith

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