Dunlevy: Colts to Run Balanced Offense under Hamilton

As elaborated by Nate Dunlevy, Indy's new offensive co-ordinator Pep Hamilton plans to incorporate some unconventional techniques while running his West-Coast style offense next year. This reiterates what we know about next year's gameplan: virtually nothing. Ideas passed around at a recent press conference included 'power-run', 'wildcat', and 'pistol-type schemes'.

Words like pistol and Wildcat should send a chill into the hearts of fans who want to see Luck develop into one of the league's elite passers. The Wildcat would be the worst possible option for a team that actually has a quarterback who can throw the ball. What is still unclear is exactly what Hamilton's vision is. He was careful to indicate that he has a vertical streak to his West Coast training as well.

At this point, trying to guess what the Colts plan to do next year is almost impossible – and apparently, that's exactly what Hamilton wants. With this much potential surrounding Indianapolis, it's an opportunity for them to create an offense unlike any other team.