Dunlevy: Brown on IR, Future with Indy in Doubt?

The Colts are at it again, this time moving Donald Brown to the IR and signing a Jacksonville backup Deji Karim (the name just screams football). Nate Dunlevy also talks about how Brown's contract is up this year, and how Vick Ballard seems to be taking over the starting job – sort of like Joseph Addai a few years ago, when the Edge left for Arizona, and though Dominic Rhodes technically was the starter the next year, he was quickly swapped out for Addai.

Throughout his career, Brown has been limited by nagging injuries and perhaps the worst offensive line in football. Together, they conspired to ensure he never fulfilled his potential in Indianapolis. His biggest moment as a pro came against Jacksonville late in 2010, when he posted 129 rushing yards and a touchdown to lift the Colts to a victory that ultimately drove them to the playoffs.

I don't think Brown is quite the running back people think he is; yes, he started the season well, but his rushing has never been consistent or dominant in any way. He's only started 15 games, over 4 years; of those, only twice did he produce over one hundred yards. It's hard to produce when you're a running back for a pass heavy, play-from-behind team, but regardless – the Colts haven't had a truly good running game since their Superbowl win, and Brown isn't the right choice if he can't stay healthy.