Doyel: Irsay, Manning childish

Gregg Doyel reminds us that there’s something important going on in Indy and it doesn’t involve Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning verbally sparring:

This Super Bowl should be the story, the only story, of the week. The Patriots and Giants? A rematch of that 2008 masterpiece? Brilliant. It’s Tom and Eli and Belichick and Coughlin. Hall of Fame quarterbacks, Hall of Fame coaches.Wes Welker and Victor Cruz. Rob Gronkowski’s ankle. Ahmad Bradshaw’s foot. This game has all the elements, all the mystery, to consume a football-loving nation for a week of hype.

But, no.

They did it. Peyton and Irsay. Jerk and Jerker. They hijacked this week as everyone hoped they wouldn’t but feared they would, proving again the cynical but true notion that fear tends to be a more accurate premonition than hope. Or maybe it’s Murphy’s Law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, especially when the Mannings and Irsays are involved.

These are not selfless families, is my point.

Todd Smith

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