Did Irsay pull the chute too soon?

Peyton Manning’s eye-popping deal with the Denver Broncos was a bit of a surprise. After Colts fans were essentially told Peyton Manning’s health risks and beefy contract far outweighed any short-term gains the 36 year old quarterback would likely bring he essentially replicated the deal in Denver. They saw him throw and obviously feel he’s good for another five years. Nate Dunlevy shares my disbelief that the Colts may have cut a healthy Peyton Manning:

Someone, either Elway or Irsay, has made a horrible mistake. If Manning truly isn’t as healthy as he lets on, then Elway just committed the most egregious mistake of his career. For this deal to work out, Manning can’t just be healthy enough to play. He has to be healthy enough to truly be Peyton Manning.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned through this ordeal, it’s that Manning has absolutely no clue as to his own limitations, according to Sports Illustrated. This was a Super Bowl signing, not a 9-7 Wild Card contender signing. If Manning can’t be what he was, this will be a disaster for the Broncos.

The answer won’t likely come for five years. It is highly unlikely that Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning will both be top-5 quarterbacks each of the next five seasons, meeting annually in the AFC championship and trading Super Bowl wins. The more likely scenario is that one of the quarterbacks vastly outperforms the other. In turn either John Elway or Jim Irsay is likely to have some serious regrets about the course of action that brought us to this day.

Todd Smith

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