Defense good, muses the wise Mike Wells

We're back! Clearly, my absence over the last week has nothing to do with the semester's end. It's all good news too, because – get this – Andrew Luck has never lost a game after putting up 25 points on an NFL opponent. He's also never lost a regular season game after beating Houston, so you can pencil Indy in for a win next week.

Meanwhile, Mike Wells has insightful analysis via ESPN.

The 239 yards given up is the fewest the Colts have allowed since Jacksonville gained 205 yards against them on Sept. 29. That’s a drastic change defensively for the Colts when you consider that they had given up an average of 31 points and 401 yards per game in the seven games prior to Sunday.

Mike Wells has been on the ball this season, keeping us up to date with all stories we need to be up-to-date on. For instance, Indy's defense did play well against Houston this week (I'm surprised too, guys). In fact, look at it this way: since Sept. 29 against Jacksonville, Indy has always allowed more than three points, so their effort this week was the best since then, no question.

I know, you might argue that their play in Tennessee (division opponent, four turnovers, 14 points against) was a better showing by their defense, but remember – they allowed 347 yards. And you can totally count out Denver (best offense in the league, three turnovers) because they game up 33 points (those were capital '3's, for emphasis).

Next week, against Kansas City, we can all count on a few things – our fingers, a pad (with pencil), etc. Oh, and a post-game Mike Wells headline: "Colts have played 15 games so far."